Proposal Plaza de Toros

The circular plaza has around 32 “facades”, 19 of which are accessible at their base.

Each of these 30 facades will be painted by an artist (or artists). The artist can write to to reserve the facade they want to paint. The event will take place on a weekend to be determined (spring of 2017?).

We cannot wait for public funding. The project will be self-funded: artists must be willing to raise their own funds for paint. No cranes: we will provide simple wooden scaffolding and ladders. Painting will be as high as you can reach. Where the bottom of the facade is crumbling, it will be left as is, unless some public funding comes in time. If “Sumergete en Santa Cruz” (CEPSA) gives support, great.

You can support this project by making donations. If a company is willing to loan scaffolding, they can place an ad on the plaza de toros during the previous month. We will arrange a discount with a local paint store. Any donations will go to artists who most need it. We offer lodging nearby for international artists to stay during the event (with sandwichera included!).

The main hurdle before this project can begin: the private owners of the plaza de toros must approve it. We’re working on this.



History of this plaza de toros