Co-ARTE Project

Co-ARTE exhibition in Arca de Babel, Santa Cruz

The Co-ARTE Project offers exhibition space in coworking centers to artists.

When we find a coworking center willing to cooperate:

  • We install a rail picture hanging system for the available walls. This makes for an easy exhibition setup.
  • The exhibitions will rotate every 4 months (or less if the artist prefers). After 4 months, the new artist comes to install their artwork. We then return the artwork to the previous artist. 
  • The exhibition will include an “About the artist” note and an “About the project” note. The artist may list prices if they want to sell. If the coworking center agrees, the artist may inaugurate their exhibition with an “opening”.
  • Coworking spaces are generally well-secured, but artists must agree to show the work at their own risk of damage or loss.
  • The coworking center has the right to refuse any exhibition.

We are proud to announce the first Co-ARTE exhibition: May 29 – Sept 25, 2023 in Arca de Babel coworking.

If you are a coworking center in the Santa Cruz/La Laguna area or an artist living in Tenerife, and you would like to participate, please contact me at (If you are an artist, please send us a link to your work. Note that we can only accept a limited list of artists.)

If you would like to help with this project, or you live in another part of the island and want to extend this project to your area, let me know.