Legal graffiti walls in Tenerife

I get requests from visitors to Tenerife about legal graffiti walls to paint on while here. I’d love to be able to tell you about legal walls in Tenerife, but so far I’ve gotten no information from the City Halls. The upside is that things are fairly relaxed — I’m sure if you go somewhere rural, you can find a ruined building where no one will bother you.

The following list is essentially everything that is marked in orange (big collections) or red (ruins) on my map, so just head to those markers and you’ll probably find a good place:

  • If you’re based in the south: the leper colony built in the 1940s in Abades is a great choice:  28.14541, -16.44002.  I would love to see the leper colony covered in murals. (Copy/paste these coordinates into my google map at and you’ll find more notes on the location.)
  • This is a old reservoir near Puerto de la Cruz where a lot of people develop their painting skills: 28.40604, -16.53851
  • I read in an article that this wall in downtown Santa Cruz is legal: 28.46435, -16.24821
  • If you’re based in the north: the abandoned Hotel Neptuno near Bajamar is a stunning setting, though I’m told in 2020 that there is now a guard there: 28.55586, -16.33938
  • My personal project is the ruins north of Santa Cruz that I’m trying to turn into a legal wall, though I haven’t found the owner yet: 28.51187, -16.17876. [Fenced off since 2019 because someone hurt themselves climbing on the roof.]