Our mission

We want to see street art flourish all over the island. Our goal is to help connect art lovers to the art, and to connect artists to the walls. 

As natural self-sufficient communities, the Canary Islands are perfect test sites of “what happens if”:

  • Can an island run on electric vehicles only?
  • What happens to the creativity level of a community when surrounded by art?
  • If an island is full of meditation and healing retreats, can that raise the overall energy level?

What about graffiti? On the scale between a crudely spraypainted tagline in a poorly chosen site and a fantastic mural, everyone must draw their own aesthetic line. In searching out street art, and in making a conscious decision of whether we like what we’ve found, our line has shifted.  For a poorly chosen site, like a rock wall, the painter should be fined, or better yet, made to remove it. At the same time, city halls should have legal graffiti walls, and should work to channel creative energies towards their use.

Add a website for your city

If you would like to build a similar map or website in your city, talk to us. We can help you set up your map and your website for free — no technical knowledge required. All you need to do is perform the research, add markers to the map, and write the content.

Anoniman, near Puerto de la Cruz

4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. HI were coming to tenerife this weekend and would love to paint we need to buy paint and find some walls check my instagram to see what I do its @dynamickart

      1. Hi I am a turist I’ll be in tenerife this sumer and i would like to find somebody or some wall for graffiti painting in Tenerife. Do u know recoment some good place please let me know here is my insta page : @bals_story
        Thanks for Answer

  2. Estaré en tenerife por unos mese el próximo año después de Navidad. Y me gustaría saber conocer sitios donde fuera posible pintar. Soy graffittera desde hace 25 años hace años pinto solo en modo legal.
    Si tiene información para mi interesante contactarme.
    Soy de la isla de la lanzarote .

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