We have mapped our favorite street art in Tenerife, so get out your cell phone and take a tag tour of Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, La Laguna, wherever you’d like to explore. 

Errors or omissions? Click to contact us.

A revolution is taking place in the world of art, out of the museums and into our streets, in full color.

Visitors to Tenerife: Thanks for using this map. As of 2022, the map has had 50,000 visitors. That interest helps encourage City Halls to support more street art.

Residents in Tenerife: If you own a wall, put a work of art on it. It may not cost much more than the price of the paint. See the artists page. If you know the owner of a very visible wall, ask them if they would agree to having it painted, then contact us and we’ll see if we can find an artist to paint it.

About our map: 

  • We haven’t shown the artwork, to keep it a surprise. If you want to see photos of some of the street art in Tenerife, see this link.
  • If a work you like has not been included (or you see an error), please add it to the map (it’s shared) or just let us know (please include the location).
  • The selection is subjective. Our goal is not to map as much street art as possible, only the art that we really like.
  • We have not included art that is an advertisement, or where the sponsor has taken a heavy hand in the subject matter. (City Halls in Tenerife are big on historical “guanche” themes.)
  • In general, we have not included outdoor sculptures. Our focus is on new forms of imbuing cities with art, rather than traditional methods of city beautification.
Mural - Puerto Street Art
Niño de la pinturas, Puerto de la Cruz

7 thoughts on “Map”

  1. Super cool. I love organized street art touring.
    I can’t wait for my next trip to Tenerife. I will definitely take an art tour!
    Thanks for all you’re doing!

  2. Hi
    I am a tourist in the Playa de las Americas area and I was wondering if there are any organised street art tours or galleries to visit in the area ?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Kellie,

      The South of Tenerife is pretty dry culturally. I admit I live in Santa Cruz but I really don’t know of any museum or gallery down there. I just did a search and this gallery came up: La Musa de Adeje: Calle Grande 22, 38670, Adeje.

      There is not enough street art for a tour in the south. There are two big murals in the Playa de las Americas. You can find them on my map. If you find any other good murals in the Playa de las Americas area, please let me know where they are.


  3. Hi I am a turist I’ll be in tenerife this sumer and i would like to find somebody or some wall for graffiti painting in Tenerife. Do u know recoment some good place please let me know here is my insta page : @bals_story
    Thanks for Answer

    1. When will you be in Tenerife? I going the 20th of july and it would be nice to paint something together.
      My instagram is can_gallery ….. i am the owner of that store in the Netherlands.
      Let me know!

  4. Soy un artista italiano, querría una dirección correo electrónico útil dónde mandar fotos de mis murales, por favor. Querría venir a Tenerife para realizar murales.

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