Arte Okupa events

There is a constant stream of tourists at these ruins, taking pictures of the amazing views (from this point, Gaviotas beach, Teresitas beach, El Teide, the city of Santa Cruz, and the end of the Anagas are all visible). The locals don’t stop here much, though. A stalemate between the private owner and the government left the ruins in a state of ruin. Read more.

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Third event: 30-apr-2016

Ana and her daughter brought an artwork on cardboard, plus a design out of recycled triangles, Adrian did a face from sprays, Eva and friends did a collage using materials at hand, and Luis and girlfriend changed the main facade of the ruins, painting a goat.




Second event: 7-nov-2015

The second event claimed the first big room as the art room and the second room (without the roof) as the projects/dreams/bulleting board room. Soniare expanded her painting to include the bench, RPC chose the “overconsumption” room for their collage work, plus works by DH, and Diego, whose idea was a changing face as the glued paper fell off.

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tom paintings diego head dirtyhandz



First event: 4-jul-2015

All the rooms were painted a different color. Each of the six rooms represented a dream for Tenerife, with a poster describing how to achieve this dream, plus accompanying artwork glued to the walls, as well as painted art on the outside of the rooms. The themes were employment, a coastal trail encircling the island, overconsumption, the island that sews, Tenerife 100% renewable energy, and the end of the refinery. Soniare drew the paper boat/flowers, Adán drew the heart/refinery, Paula and Moises drew the see/hear/speak no evil monkeys, Belén drew the birds, and members of Arca de Babel painted the circles. Maruxa, Roberto, and Tom created the indoor themes and artwork. One room was designated as a bathroom in hopes of reducing the stink in the other rooms. Marnix, a Dutch video expert, created a surround video of the group at night with our torches, looking like a satanic cult.



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