Furtive Art Foundation

The mission of FAF:

We support random acts of playfulness and absurdity in public. This includes visual artwork and public performances bold enough to humiliate oneself.  A message is more palatable with a dose of humor. The people in charge like safe art. FAF is happy with dangerous art.

Examples of art serving this mission:

  • The Orange Alternative in Poland: There is no freedom without dwarves. Listen to this podcast.
  • The word “moist” written on a sign in tiny island in a highway in my hometown. I don’t know who wrote it. Enjoyed by a select few for 20 years, until the island disappeared. The word then reappeared on another sign down the road.
  • OK, Banksy is too popular, but that’s not his fault. 

To request money for a project, please email your project plan and the amount requested to tenerifestreetart@gmail.com and they will pass it on to FAF (FAF, being furtive, will not disclose their contact details). Projects with humor will be looked on more favorably. FAF also offers donation on an insurance basis, to partially cover fines received for performing art deemed illegal by the people in charge. 

The board of FAF passed a motion to save the world, but decided not to at the next meeting.