Flow Art Group

In Spanish and English.

When: First Thursday of every month. Duration 90+ minutes.  If you have a group of 3-8 people, call/whatsapp me for a class any time: +34 661 159 964.

Where: Horacio Nelson 26 in Santa Cruz. Enter via the garage door with the fish. 

Bring old clothes. If you forget, there are old clothes here you can wear. 

Cost: 10€ for the first session. For subsequent sessions, you pay for the canvases you use (or 10€ if a guest artist comes to teach their technique). If you want to pay more, you can donate to this school in Gambia.

First session: I will give some techniques to start you off. You will drip and pour, you won’t touch the canvas.

These techniques require 2-3 days to dry, so you will need to come back to pick up the art you created. Take photos or videos during the process! You may find that your artwork has changed dramatically after drying. You may decide that your photo is the art.  See the images below to get an idea of what you can create. 


Let me guess: You made great art until you were 10, then you stopped once you started feeling “judged”, either by others or by yourself. If so, then it’s time to re-discover the inner child artist within you. This is an art class for “non-artists”. No skills required. No judgment. Just feel the joy of creation and experimentation.

Gallery of my art (very long: scroll to the bottom for flow art).

More about dendrite art and other patterns. As I bask in the beauty of nature, I like to think of nature as the master artist – using tools such as physics and chemistry, water and wind. My goal is to replicate patterns in nature: branching, cracking, whorling. I drip and pour liquids, exploring nature’s tools to create patterns on the canvas. The surrealists described automatism as a method in which the artist suppresses conscious control over the art-making process.  A quote from Man Ray: “It was thrilling to paint a picture, hardly touching the surface…”

My history: I don’t have much experience in drawing/painting. I’m a weekend artist who’s gone through phases of papier mache, stained glass, drip art, etc. When I hit on the latest techniques, I found them to be so easy that it was time to share. (I don’t teach the standard fluid art technique using floetrol or silicone that you can find all over youtube.) I sign my art as Cosmo Shaak, the name I’ve given to the voice in my head, the source of my river of thoughts. Let the thoughts flow and move on down those blue currents.

During the class, there may be a bonus burlesque show by our dog, Leon Trotsky.