One thing leads to another

3 years ago, I got the idea for an outdoor art museum in a ruin with a view. Working on “Arte Okupa” got me into learning about graffiti and street art. That got me into — tracking street art on google maps. That led me to a small town called El Tablero, where I met someone from Correcaminos, a group who built a school in Gambia in 2015.

Over the years, we gave a % of profits to a Haiti microcredit group called Fonkoze. But Africa is tantalizingly close to us, and I’ve never been there. What’s more, my kids have never experienced the “developing world”. A Gambia guidebook has been sitting unused on my shelf.  So I called Lorenzo from Correcaminos and planned a trip for Adrian and me. My niece was working for us in Barcelona, so I got a ticket for her too.

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