I brought my 2900 pencils (yes, I got a bit carried away) and all Teo’s sport shirts that he’s been given to Lorenzo’s house on Calle Moralidad (next to Calle Fraternidad, etc.). He got 4 boxes, added scissors, toothbrushes/paste, old clothes, a few toys. He said “these two shirts are better — use them to thank someone.” We weighed the boxes and he taped them up well. The guy’s got lots of experience.

I did the rest of my packing. It’s been a while since I’ve gone backpacking in new countries. Memories of my sister’s hand-me-down backpack from 40 years ago. Memories of sewing tire rubber onto the worn-through soles of my Birkenstocks.

I packed my “Out of Poverty” book by Paul Polak. This follows my beliefs (one line: “donations don’t bring people out of poverty”). But it’s good to follow what Lorenzo says. Don’t question until I have experience. So I load the boxes in my car, and leave Lorenzo’s basement just a bit emptier.

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