We have mapped our favorite street art in Tenerife, so get out your cell phone and take a tag tour of Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, La Laguna, wherever you’d like to explore.

Errors or omissions? Click to contact us.

A revolution is taking place in the world of art, out of the museums and into our streets, in full color.

Visitors to Tenerife: If you use this map, please leave a note below after your tour. The more feedback we get, the easier to encourage City Halls to support more street art.

Residents in Tenerife: If you own a wall, put a work of art on it. It may not cost much more than the price of the paint. See the artists page. If you know the owner of a very visible wall, ask them if they would agree to having it painted, then contact us.

About our map: 

  • If a work you like has not been included (or you see an error), please add it to the map or just let us know (please include the address).
  • The selection is subjective. Our goal is not to map as much street art as possible, only the art that should be included on a day trip to the city.
  • We have not included art where the sponsor has taken a heavy hand in the subject matter. (City Halls in Tenerife are big on historical “guanche” themes.)
  • In general, we have not included outdoor sculptures. Our focus is on new forms of imbuing cities with art, rather than traditional methods of city beautification.
  • We won’t include ads.
  • The map is shared so anyone can add or modify markers. We reserve the right to remove markers that don’t meet our criteria.
Mural - Puerto Street Art
Niño de la pinturas, Puerto de la Cruz


1 thought on “Map”

  1. Super cool. I love organized street art touring.
    I can’t wait for my next trip to Tenerife. I will definitely take an art tour!
    Thanks for all you’re doing!

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